The problem posed by the provided scenario is 'The user woke up late and will be late to work. Arriving late to work again will result in the user getting fired.'.
Using the ReverseTime app, the user can easily time travel back in time to avoid waking up late, being late for work, and will not get fired.
Based on the provided scenario for this exercise, I began by extracting actions where the user interacts with the ReverseTime app.  
1. The user takes their phone out and opens the ReverseTime app. 
2. The user quickly sets the time for February 1st, 2018, 8:00 am. 
3. The app reminds him that they are going to use their last time traveling token and requires them to confirm if they are aware of that. 
4. The user  confirms using the token and proceeds. 
5. The ReverseTime app informs the user that it has initiated the time traveling process. 
6. The ReverseTime app informs the user that the time traveling process was successful. 

Once establishing the actions, I can begin to plan out on paper the flow of the prototype.
After finalizing the flow of the prototype, I can begin to create the paper prototype.  For this I used index cards.
Once the paper prototype was created, all there was left to do was create a video showing the scenario.

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